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Robotic Welding SM-IPROM brings you cutting-edge solutions in the field of robotic welding.

The landscape in the welding industry is changing. We know how to guide you into the new era. Armed with years of experience and deep subject matter expertise, we provide solutions that meet all requirements and methods such as arc welding, laser welding, collaborative robots, MIG/MAG, SMAW, TIG, and many others.

SM-IPROM. Your Reliable Partner with Over 30 Years of Experience

Contact us today to discover how our expertise and cutting-edge solutions can transform your welding operations and propel your business to new heights of success.

Robotic grinding SM-IPROM is at the forefront of revolutionizing the grinding industry, providing cutting-edge robotic grinding solutions.

We combine advanced technology, experience, and expertise to deliver the best practices and solutions in the industry.

SM-IPROM: The Trusted Leader in Robotic Grinding

Our team comprises specialized engineers and technicians with profound knowledge and experience in robotic automation and grinding technologies. Working closely with you, we understand your needs and design customized solutions that maximize efficiency and deliver exceptional results.

Robotic palletizing system Experience effective and reliable solutions in robotic palletizing from SM-IPROM.

We design and implement customized robotic palletizing systems that fully meet your requirements.

With a proven track record of successful installations and satisfied customers, we have earned trust as a provider of innovative palletizing solutions.

Working closely with our clients, we assess their unique needs and challenges, changing the face of the industry in the palletizing process with state-of-the-art robotic systems

Custom robotic applications Every project is unique, and so are your requirements. At SM-IPROM, we specialize in creating custom robotic applications.

These solutions are reshaping industrial process automation and productivity optimization, tailored to excel in diverse industries, from manufacturing and assembly to welding, grinding, and palletizing. With advanced robotics, custom applications offer precision, consistency, and increased efficiency, while reducing human involvement in hazardous tasks for enhanced safety. From repetitive to complex processes, custom robotic applications revolutionize industrial procedures, empowering businesses with heightened efficiency and competitiveness.

SM-IPROM: Pioneers in Custom Robotic Applications

With over 30 years of investment in innovation and development, we maintain partnerships based on mutual respect and appreciation. Count on us to create the custom application that will transform your business.